Click to Zoom In The Essential Curriculum Kit comes with everything a teacher needs to start Writing Alive instruction immediately!

Curriculum Guide
The curriculum guide explains how to get started, provides the weekly writing period and Daily Sentence Styling plans and scripted lessons for how to plan, set goals, write and assess each genre. The guide contains hands-on lessons for each grammar skill.

Instructional Sentence Shape Set
32 large laminated sentence shapes with magnets for instruction and student manipulation. Teachers model how to use phrases, clauses and sentence combining to give details and enhance sentence fluency as well as teach grammar and the writing traits.

Resource Book
The Resource Book provides all the blackline masters needed for student copies, transparencies and or CD of the planners for teacher presentation and rubrics for goal setting and assessment for each lesson.

Class Set of 25 Ready-Made Student Sentence Shape Kits
Students manipulate the shapes at their desks according to their grade level needs. First grade builds sentences and connected sentences while fifth grade composes thesis statements with them. (23 shapes per student kit)

Student Daily Sentence Styling Book
The vehicle for teaching and practicing revision skills (of the writing traits and grammar) in a 15 minute Daily Sentence Styling revision drill.

Student Toolbox
This students' writing handbook contains every resource they need under one cover. Students fill their Toolboxes with samples of each genre and build word lists to increase their vocabulary.

Writing Record
An important record book for teachers to record each student's progress in the writing traits and record class writing assignments.

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