Debra Kemp Freemon
President of Writing Alive, Inc.

Debra is author of twelve curriculum books. She consults with school administrators and conducts professional development for teachers on Writing Alive implementation. Her curriculum helps school districts across the United States transform their approach to writing instruction.

With a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and 23 years of classroom experience, Debra designed Writing Alive to integrate all six components of writing (structures, grammar, process, traits, genres and goal setting/assessment) with researched learning strategies for all types of learners. Totally committed to the idea that with the right tools, any student can become a good writer, Debra and her consulting staff empower teachers with the Writing Alive Essential Curriculum. As a result, their students gain valuable writing skills and improve their test scores.

She enjoys teaching, rollerblading, painting with friends and dancing with her husband. You can contact Deb at

Keri Bade

Keri Bade, a graduate of Metropolitan State College with a Masters from the University of Phoenix, currently teaches fifth grade. As well as working as a Writing Alive consultant, Keri serves as curriculum writer, team leader and staff developer in her school district. Keri trained in Writing Alive early in her career and has implemented the curriculum in all her schools ever since, organizing trainings and supporting her colleagues. Watching Keri's enthusiastic and organized teaching of Writing Alive inspires teachers. When she's not teaching or learning, Keri loves to travel and lose herself in books and movies.

Rana Brown

Rana Brown received her elementary teaching degree from Adams State College. Her Master of Arts degree in LLC/Linguistically Diverse has prepared her for the diverse population she encounters in her own school and the schools in which she consults. Rana teaches second grade and serves as Writing Coach for the primary grades at her school, where the Writing Alive curriculum has been utilized for four years. Modeling lessons and coaching teachers at the kindergarten, first and second grade level, she sees the positive impact Writing Alive has on the students' writing and test scores. She enjoys spending time with her family and attending the sporting events and other school activities of her two teenage children.

Valerie Walsh

Valerie Walsh has a degree in Political Science /English and a teaching certificate from Colorado State University-Pueblo, as well as a Master of Science degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment from Walden University. Working with Writing Alive as classroom teacher, Writing Alive coach and consultant for the past eight years, she models implementation and teaches classes for primary, intermediate and middle school teachers. She also works with the author, writing Hand in Hand, helping teachers coordinate their reading to their writing. When she is not working, she enjoys hiking, tennis, gardening and reading.

Reed Freemon

Jane McFadden

Lynne Brunjak

Bobby Kennedy

Bobby is a 2nd grade teacher at Buffalo Trail Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado. He has been sharing his ideas for integrating technology with the Writing Alive Curriculum for a few years now. When he is not working he enjoys hiking, biking, cooking, playing the guitar and piano, and reading. If you have any questions about the website, or about using technology in the classroom, please e-mail Bobby at