Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have additional questions, please contact us.
WILL WRITING ALIVE SUPPORT OUR DISTRICT LITERACY PROGRAM? Writing skills and genres covered in Writing Alive match and exceed those in other literacy programs. Writing Alive not only shows what to teach students, it explains how to teach them. Writing Alive's writing curriculum fits hand in hand with any reading series, guided reading, math, science or social studies unit. Students learn to use writing to synthesize their learning to clarify their understanding of the content.
HOW DOES WRITING ALIVE WORK FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS AND SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS? Writing Alive uses proven learning strategies and a multisensory hands-on approach, which makes it especially effective with English language learners and students with special needs. Teachers deliver instruction using three or more learning channels, so all students receive and retain the information. Students learn structure by manipulating sentence components and gain fluency by verbally rehearsing paragraphs, stories and essays. As a result, English language learners, gifted students and students with learning challenges (dyslexic, ADHA) succeed and thrive.
DOES WRITING ALIVE TEACH HANDWRITING? A research based, multisensory handwriting program with letter flashcards, letter formation groupings and tracing patterns is included in the Kindergarten and Grade 1 Essential Curriculum Kits.
DO THE STUDENTS WRITE EVERY DAY IN WRITING ALIVE? Yes, daily writing provides the practice students need to improve. A daily writing period schedule provides teachers with daily writing lessons. A sample week follows:
Monday Four-Step Direct instruction of possessive pronouns. Teacher models, students manipulate, teacher dictates and students write using the skill just learned.
Tuesday Plan and write a plot summary on a story just read.
Wednesday Organize thoughts for a cause and effect paragraph in a graphic organizer and planner. Verbally rehearse.
Thursday Set goals and draft using guided interactive writing.
Friday Assess goals, receive a revision lesson and revise. Students take every third piece to a final copy.
DOES THE WRITING ALIVE CURRICULUM COVER OUR STATE STANDARDS? Yes, Writing Alive not only meets, but exceeds state and national writing standards.