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    07.20.09 - Grade 5 Curriculum Guide contains Poetry Curriculum and Literary Analysis.
    07.20.09 - Writing Alive curriculum meets and exceeds new state standards. Check out standards on line.
    06.25.09 - First grade curriculum guide contains three verbal retell assessments with rubric.
    06.25.09 - New Lessons in first grade curriculum guide - pattern books, shape poetry and handwriting curriculum with BLMs of desk patterns and self checking folding paper patterns.
    06.05.09 - Monday through Friday writing period schedule and lessons.
    06.05.09 - 30 weeks of scope and sequenced Four-Step Direct Instruction grammar lesson in each grade level curriculum guide.


Writing Records that align to each grade level's curriculum, available in record book form and electronic file. Keep track of each student's final copies with individual student record pages and class writing assignment record pages that match the rubrics.

Hand Writing Letter Flashcards lead students in large arm formation with laminated letter flashcards teachers can carry with them.

Electronic copy of transparencies now available in CD for promethean and smart boards.


  • Multisensory Printing Instruction Handbook
  • Multisensory Cursive Instruction Handbook
  • Poetry Handbooks by grade level