These are a few of the endorsements Writing Alive has received from teachers, parents, and administrators:
Dakota Hoyt
Director of Professional Developement
Pueblo No. 60, CO
With the implementation of Writing Alive, I saw the power of a K-12 systemic, comprehensive writing curriculum. Students, teachers, principals and parents were speaking the same "language." Students no longer had to learn "new" writing strategies each time they changed a grade/teacher. I heard the "language" in the students' vocabulary and saw the improvement of writing test scores the district and state assessment scores.
Tamera Jacobs
4th Grade Teacher

Bryant, Arkansas
Please send me a new Writing Alive book. Writing Alive is my writing bible. I've misplaced it and I don't know what to do without it. Once you've learned how to teach writing with Writing Alive, you can't go back.
2nd Grade Parent
Salida, CO
When I volunteered in my daughter's second grade classroom, I was completely amazed at the students' writing skills. The teacher used an activity called "sentence styling" where the students are asked to take an ordinary sentence and alter it to make the subject more specific, the verb more vivid and the overall sentence more expressive and informative. The given sentence was, "He ate them." A student transformed it to read, "The scaly green ankylosaurus devoured the young plants into his hollow, hungry stomach." I know I wasn't writing this fluently when I was in second grade. What a great skill our children are learning.
Sandy Schell
3rd grade parent

Mark Twain Elementary
Littleton, CO
Whenever I help my son's writing class, I notice how Writing Alive teaches students to reflect on their own writing. Editing and revising become a natural part of the writing process for students because of the practice in Daily Sentence Styling. The planners and verbal rehearsal help my son, who is a visual learner, "see" his story take shape before he writes down his first words. His vocabulary grows, too, as he creates verb and adjective wheels to find better words to use in his writing. Writing Alive is definitely helping my son to become a better writer.
Jane JcFadden
Writing Teacher

Liberty Middle School
Centennial, CO
I began implementing Writing Alive three years ago after becoming dissatisfied with my existing writing instruction. Since then I have seen remarkable improvement in the quality of my students' writing, especially those I have taught for two consecutive years. As a teacher, I love the way Writing Alive integrates every aspect of writing, including grammar, traits, rubrics, planners and genres of writing. Everything I need to help my students become proficient writers is in one manual with detailed lesson plans and suggestions. Now writing is the best part of the day for my students and me!
Miguel Elias, PhD

Centennial H.S.
Pueblo, CO
Literacy, reading and writing are everyone's challenge in high school. Writing Alive offers something that every teacher can use with every student.