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A K-8 Curriculum Done for You
I present to you Writing Alive, a rigorous research-based curriculum with professional development that will not only tell you what to teach, but how to teach it.

This proven curriculum will make your teaching of
writing more comprehensive and effective with all
the hard work done for you:

  • Scope and sequenced skills
  • Daily writing lessons
  • Writing models every week
  • Differentiatied instruction
  • Meaningful units and lessons
  • that equip students to meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards

Skills are purposefully introduced in a thoughtful scope and
sequence, then used immediately by students to express their thoughts, so students can see and experience the value of using the skills. These skills build each year with a common academic language, giving students ongoing success.
Created by teachers and for teachers, Writing Alive listens to teachers who have said:

  • “It would be so helpful if only ….”
  • “Yes, I do believe writing models are important, if only I had the time to create them…”
  • “Ready made materials would make my life easier…”
  • “Day-by-day guidance would be so appreciated, so I know I’m not leaving any gaps in instruction or skills.”






Writing Alive provides you with:




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