Common Core State Standards


The Common Core State Standards require a deeper engagement with a smaller number of standards.  
These standards require new approaches to teaching and enhanced rigor. Students will be required to master more critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Writing Alive equips teachers and students to meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards by modeling how to teach these shifts in instructional strategies:

  • Understanding language structure in order to read and write at higher levels
  • Analyzing fiction and nonfiction text

  • Focusing on process

  • Creating authentic audiences for writings

  • Writing evidence-based arguments and opinion pieces to increase critical thinking skills

The Common Core Pacing Guides for grades K-8 show how the Common Core Standards are met every week and in every lesson of the Writing Alive curriculum. Grade-level Pacing Guides are provided in the Day by Day Curriculum Guides for teachers and in The Principal’s Guide to Writing Alive for administrators.

Below are examples of Writing Alive Grade 2 and Middle School Curriculum 1.





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